Public Speaker, TED Conferences

February 2018

Speaker at TedXYouthAustin, on "How I learned to Look, Think and Zoom!".


Exhibitor, TED XLabs

February 2018

Interactive workshop "Xperience" @XLabs, during TedXYouthAustin.


Public Speaker, XSXW

March 2018

@ZubyOnwuta of @thinkandzoom, & @EddyReyes , of @Mindsight_Tech, co-organizers of @hispanichackers took the stage at @sxsw 2018, to share "How to engage with the minority community".

US Congress

Disability Advocate, United States Congress

January 2006

Part of a team of visually impaired people, who visit Capitol Hill, Washington DC, annually, to lobby members of the US Congress, on policies affecting blind Americans.
I've travelled with members of the National Federation of the Blind, in 2006, 2017, and 2018.

United Nations

Speaker - Social Good Summit, United Nations

September 2015

Spoke on the Health Panel at the Social Good Summit, Nairobi, Kenya, Organized by the United Nations and Africa Insight Communications, Nairobi.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Speaker, Johns Hopkins Medicine

February 2017

Speaking to doctors at Johns Hopkins medicine Whilmer Eye Institute on the ecosystem of visual impairment solutions by Think and Zoom, such as early detection, vision enhancement, reading enhancement, streamlined diagnosis.

Keck Medicine of USC

Guest Speaker, Keck Medicine of USC

November 2016

An honor to address USC Keck school of medicine & Roski Eye institute, led by Dr. Mark Humayun.

AIA Vision Show

AIA The Vision show

April 2018

Using EEG and Computer Vision to augment poor eye sight.
The Vision Show

Perkins school for the blind

Perkins School for blind

April 2018

Rapid prototyping of Blind assistive tech
Perkins School for blind



May 2018

Keynote address at Tech Inspired


Exhibitor, Google

February 2018

Exhibitor during Black History Month Mixer, organized by Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Austin Urban Technology Movement

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Exhibitor, Foundation Fighting Blindness

January 2018

Think and Zoom participated in an exhibit and Visions Seminar.
Speakers were Dr. Jeremiah Brown, Dr. Stephanie, Dr. Stephen Rose.

National Federation of The Blind

Exhibitor, National Federation of The Blind

November 2017

Exhibiting at NFB of Texas 66th state convention.

National Federation of The Blind

Public Speaker, National Federation of The Blind

November 2017

Spoke at the Access Technology Committee Meeting, during the 66th convention of NFB of Texas


Public Speaker, National Society of Black Engineers

November 2017

Spoke to members of NSBE at UT, Austin, about Think and Zoom

Urbanize Hub

Public Speaker, Urbanize Hub

October 2017

Organized by KeepItSimple.Care and UrbanizeHub.
Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural "Connecting Doers with Opportunity" International Conference, in beautiful Timisoara, Romania.
I was one of 21 speakers, from different parts of the world, who took the stage at this TED-style event. Speakers came from Berlin, Singapore , Washington, DC, San Francisco , Taiwan, Mexico, , Austin, TX, Zurich , Bucharest and more !
I connected with so many wonderful, brilliant and positive folks, too numerous to mention.
Special thanks to the visionary, Ana Ghenciu, of KeepItSimple, for the opportunity, and thanks as well to her counterpart, Gratian Mihailescu, of UrbanizeHub, and to the wonderful and supportive team and partners.
I shared the story of how I'm "Turning Personal Problems into Global solutions", with "Think and Zoom". What if all of us, turned our problems into solutions others could use, what kind of world world we create ? We would create a world where visual impairment can no longer steal dreams or kill careers. A world where we can all look, Think and Zoom in, to a better, brighter, future !


Presenter, Latinitas

October 2017

Career presenter on #STEM at Startup Chica at Capital Factory

Austin Achieve Public Schools

Speaker, Austin Achieve Public Schools

October 2017

Spoke about #STEM, and Think and Zoom, during Lunch and Learn speaker series

National Federation of The Blind

Panelist, National Federation of The Blind

September 2017

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about Disability and Employment organized by NFB Austin, TX


Public Speaker, Hive Afica Global Leaders Program (Abuja)

April 2017

Spoke at the 1st HIVE Africa Global Leaders Program on how I'm "Turning Personal Problems into Global Solutions" with innovations to help the world's 285 million visually people such as
- Think and Zoom, brain powers Zooming
- Think and Read, brain powered reading
- and others


Speaker, National Society of Black Engineers

April 2017

Inspiring next gen #STEM leaders to look, #thinkandzoom in to a brighter future, with my talk on how I'm "Turning Personal Problems into Global Solutions"


Speaker, Deloitte

March 2017

Participated at the Deloitte Austin Tech Showcase during SXSW

National Federation of The Blind

Motivational Speaker, National Federation of The Blind

February 2017

Speaking about "Overcoming disability with creative abilities - a global perspective " to the National Association of Blind Students, during the 17th annual Washington seminar of the National Federation of the Blind, in Washington, D.C.

National Federation of The Blind

Disability Advocate, National Federation of The Blind

February 2017

NFB of Texas team, discussing with members of the US Congress, on Capitol Hill, like
-Rep. Bernice Eddie Johnson,
-Rep. Filemon Vela
& others.
We proposed bills to help blind Americans such as -Marrakech Treaty
- Access Technology Affordability Act
-National Library Service & refreshable Braille
- Access to Instructional materials in higher Ed

National Federation of The Blind

Exhibitor, National Federation of The Blind

November 2016

ThinkAndZoom was an exhibitor at the 65th annual state convention of the National Federation of the Blind.
Video testimonials:
"ThinkAndZoom is wonderful"
"ThinkAndZoom is amazing"
"Kenti Presidential Race"
More on Facebook & Twitter @thinkandzoom


Public Speaker, Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering

November 2016

Spoke at the TAME meeting held at Pflugerville High School, home of the Panthers, to inspire students towards STE M careers


Speaker, Hive Global Leaders Program (San Francisco - Hive#9)

November 2016

Spoke on how I'm "Overcoming Disabilities with Creative abilities"

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Speaker, Foundation Fighting Blindness

September 2016

Spoke on "Overcoming Disability with Creative Ability" at the FFB San Antonio event "Ask The experts".
Also gave a demo of "ThinkAndZoom" - tech to help visually impaired people

National Science Foundation

Speaker, National Science Foundation

September 2016

Spoke at the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded event PROMISE Scholars program at Northern Illinois University (NIU).
Event is to motivate students to take STEM subjects and understand the applications.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Motivational Speaker, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

July 2016

A proud moment to have the opportunity to return to Criss Cole School For the blind, where I was a student 10 years ago.
Today, as a motivational speaker, I spoke at the Summer Youth Program on how I'm "Overcoming Disabilities With Creative Abilities", with my solutions for the visually impaired namely
- ThinkAndZoom

Change Catalyst

Speaker - Ability In Tech Summit, Change Catalyst

May 2016

Ability In Tech Summit
Exploring innovative solutions to tech inclusion for people with visible and invisible disabilities. In my talk, "Overcoming Disability with Creative Ability", I shared my life story, which is plagued by visual disruptions and how I used it as a case study to come up with a visual solution -ThinkAndZoom, (demo at ThinkAndZoom.com)

Columbia Business School

Panelist - Africa Economic Forum

April 2016

African Economic Forum panel on
"Entrepreneurs in the Diaspora - Figuring it out & Making it work"
Along side
- Okendo Lewis Gayle , Founder, Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance
- Solome Lemma, Founder, Africans in the Diaspora
- Kwame Dougan, Founder, Iya Ventures
- Jay Vix, Global Marketing Director, Transfast
- Kwami Williams, Founder MoringaConnect

Tech Inclusion

Panelist - SXSW 2016 Interactive

March 2016

During SXSW 2016 Interactive, at Tech Inclusion: Austin, I spoke as a Panelist on People With Disabilities along with Liz Jackson & Steve Guengerich.
Event was organized by Tech Inclusion, Galvanize & The Clinton Foundation.


Speaker - Health Innovation Summit

August 2015

'HealthCare Tech: The Possibilities - "What is the Future of health care ?" '
at the Health Innovation Summit, Johannesburg, South Africa, on Aug. 19, 2015
Organized by ITNewsAfrica & African Innovator